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The sounds of nature often make an appearance at Spacious.
The swaying of the trees. The sound of water. The sound of insects, birdsong.
Your room is connected to there, as it deepens.
With sound, we bring such breath of nature.

Shō, shakuhachi, cello, guitar, percussion, keyboard and human voice.
It’s nice to blend in with the natural sounds.
Yes. Because we are also part of nature.

This is the Spacious series of the four seasons, recorded with the sounds of nature that remind us of the seasons.We hope you enjoy it.


“This water is a mirror pond. Just to reflect the present.”There are many lakes and pondswhich named after “Mirror, all over Japan. Since ancient times, people have stopped to admire the world reflected in the beautiful water. Yes. Mirror Pond is in you too.

Click here for YouTube.


A quiet eve of the end of a long world and the dawn of a new one. The night contains the morning, the morning contains the night. In the darkness there is light, and in the light there is darkness. The new world has already begun. May the timeless light of the flame reach your room with these new signs.

Youtube here


The town is awash with flowers, and deep in the mountains the snow and ice are melting and seeping through the rocks. The first “spring water” , eventually becomes a stream, a river or a lake, then returns to the sky in the form of mist, and again, as rain, echoes the greenery and life on earth. Let us also let the movement of new life take over. This “spring water of the beginning” came from the deep mountains, we send you as vibration.

Click here for Youtube


“Where water is born” is coming soon…


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